Segional Market

Where? Market place

When? Every first Saturday of the month, from dust to dawn!


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Why buy segional?

It's fresh, you can practically taste a mouthful of the wholesome soil, coming straight up from mother earth to you. It's also healthy, it's what your body needs. The right food in the right season and region. And on top of that, it's environmentally friendly, the food doesn't have to travel a billion miles to finally end up on your plate. So I'm not telling you to buy it, ...just do it.

What are the disadvantages of non-segional food?

Due to the transport a huge amount of carbon dioxide is emitted on the way, which is dreadful for our environment.

For further information check out our instagram, which should be linked here but since Ruei's programming skills are very limited, it is not, however. He's still learning.

Oh, I was wrong, it actually works!

Hello, I'm a button. I want you to click me. I lead nowhere. But I enjoy your attention.

(I turn blue)

And listen to this nice background music, I have provided for you:

You when you buy segional:

You when you buy anything else:

Hope you've learned your lesson. So hurry up before you look like this:

You're missing something big here, I tell ya... Like, your nose...haha. Because those pictures of Olaf represent you buying or not buying our products and he's, pppppffffttt hehe, well, he's kind of missing his...(wait for it) CARROT BWAHAHAHA, oh my god...... That's, uh, funny. Yes. It is.

Come on, stop staring at me like I put my dirty, old socks onto your pizza, (I might have, but that's not the point) and start laughing at my jokes. Laugh, you beautiful piece of chocolate pudding. Are you getting it?! Funny, huh!? Now act like it, or else.

By the way, buy our vegetables for your pizza, they are delicious and super healthy. I promise I won't sell my socks again. I swear it.



I know exactly what you're thinking. This is a very decent website, they surely don't want my money.